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All our repairs are done by a qualified ,highly experienced bicycle mechanic with decades of experience in all bicycle repairs.

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Our bicycle repair services.

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At Tri Pro Cycles  we specialise in servicing, repairs and maintenance of all types of bikes, when we work on your bike we always do a thorough job making sure that we give your bike back to you in the best possible condition and with the best possible configuration for you and your riding needs.

Why Choose Tri Pro Cycles ?

  • Experience across all bikes
  • We take the time to do things properly
  • We give you the confidence that your bike wont let you down at the crucial moment
  • We race ourselves so we understand how your bike should be running
  • We are all fully qualified mechanics
  • All our repairs are fully guaranteed (parts & labor) if you have a problem we will fix it
  • Long established reputation for quality repairs

How often should your bike be serviced?

If you use your bike with any regularity you will need to get it periodically serviced, this has a number of benefits including enhanced performance and decreased wear and tear.

All Models


Our repairs service is just as comprehensive as our servicing and because we have available parts, accessories and expert mechanics we are able to make your bike, not just as good as new but better than it was when you first bought it.

Bike fine tuning

If you have a bike that, was not originally configured by us, the chances are it’s not set up for optimum comfort , bring your bike in, so we can assess your bike’s set up and we’ll ensure it’s configured perfectly.

If you've been online searching for terms like, 'Bikes Brisbane', 'Brisbane Bike Shops', or 'Bike Shops Brisbane', we're delighted you've found Tri ProCycles. With around  10 years as a leading Brisbane bike services, you can be confident in our expertise and proven customer service.


We are a group that rides together, meaning we understand what our customers need when it comes to their  bikes.

We offer comprehensive servicing, where we clean your bike and its mechanics before servicing and re-lubing, during this process we will check each component to ensure that it is working to its optimum, and advise you accordingly.

Our Passion

Cycling is one of Brisbane’s most widespread activities. It's popular amongst families, athletes, social groups and even commuters. Here at Tri ProCycles , we promote an active cycling lifestyle and have done so in Brisbane since 2007 – both building and selling bikes. John started  in 1978 and has been involved with bicycles since then he has dedicated himself to advancing his passion of cycling through quality, longevity and good old-fashioned customer service. Our tradition is centred on a passion for all things cycling and this allows us to remain ahead of the curve, with an unrivalled knowledge of all bikes and their components, whether they are new or old. Our service includes the leading Brisbane bike workshop experience, in which our skilled mechanics have practiced their craft to perfection. Conveniently located within the Bayside area , we strive to deliver products of the highest possible quality – with a range of services to match. There is no substitute for experience, passion and local knowledge, and these are three areas in which Tri ProCycles is second to none. With the right gear and a bit of specialist knowledge, you can be cycling at your fullest potential from competition courses, to your morning commute and anywhere in between.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about our bicycle repair business, send us an email and we'll get back to you straight away.

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